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Nanolex Polishing Pads are designed to perfectly match our abrasive polishing compounds and to last outstandingly long. Designed without any sharp edges Nanolex Polishing Pads will guarantee a very smooth and effective workflow. All pads are manufactured in Germany and reflect our extremely high quality standards.

The Nanolex Grey Polishing Pad is a hard foam pad designed to achieve maximum cut.

The Nanolex Light Blue Polishing Pad is a true revolution. This thermoplastic foam pad will change its color at 50°C from light blue to white to monitor the pad and surface temperature on softer clear coats or new lacquers.

The Nanolex Purple Polishing Pad is a medium foam pad designed to remove medium defects, but also leave a near perfect finish.
The Nanolex Blue Polishing Pad is a soft foam pad designed to leave a hologram-free, flawless finish.

Nanolex Polishing Pad, 32x12, Medium, Purple x6

Item number NXPPAD20

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