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Nanolex Polishing Pads are designed to perfectly match our abrasive polishing compounds and to last outstandingly long due to the perfect balance of cell structure, compressive strenght and high tensile strenght as well as high tear strenght. Designed without any sharp edges Nanolex Polishing Pads will guarantee a very smooth and effective workflow.

All pads are manufactured in Germany and reflect our extremely high quality standards.


The Nanolex Grey Polishing Pad is a heavy cutting foam pad designed to achieve maximum cut due to large, reticulated open cells and a high compressive strenght.


The Nanolex Purple Polishing Pad is a medium foam pad designed to remove medium defects that leave a near perfect finish due to a combination of medium to small reticulated open cells in combination with a medium high compressive strenght.


The Nanolex Blue Polishing Pad is a soft foam pad designed to leave a hologram-free, flawless finish thanks to a very small reticulated cell structure and a medium to soft compressive strenght.

Nanolex Polishing Pad 145x25x125, Hard, Grey x1

Item number NXPPAD46

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